Here are some of my personal favorites. Please scroll down as this page will have a bunch of pictures. For larger view, click the picture.  More can be found on my Flickr


DSC_4058 DSC_3949
Rocklin Thunder BaseballDSC_3729
kevin and ben 2 heelflip1
kevin and ben 3 the big 3


Tower Theater Rose Statue
DSC_3089 DSC_3165
Butterfly cropped fountain
pretty flowR
Sacramento Capitol building Building tops
HDR Street Marble + Glass

bugeye Z5
Jaws Supra Z1
stock fuel out G35 under the lights
RSX Type-S RSX Type-S
camaro topaz test Camaro SS staring down my Z (z's faster =D)

DSC_9531 trevor2
back to front K-Fed
Bengay DSC_0113
DSC_0092toon DSC_2687
huh? DSC_01102
dsc_0004elevator dsc_0035stairs
dsc_0045uptop band1
battle final #3
kevin2 richard


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