30 04 2009

Well, lets get this started.

Im 21, and I am a photographer based in Roseville, California. I have been shooting for over 5 years now and constantly learning. I love photography with a passion, and will continue to do so forever. My specialties include Automotive photography, Landscape and Real Estate photography, Business shots, Portraits,  Sporting Events, etc. The only thing I cannot do and will not do right now is wedding photography. I would shoot as a backup, but I have never done a wedding and that is too important of an event for me to attempt as the main photographer. Other than that I am extremely confident in my skills to get you the shot you need!

My Equipment:
Nikon D300
Glass: Nikon 18-55mm, Sigma 10-20mm HSM, Sigma 28-70mm, Sigma 70-300mm.
Goodies: SB-600 w/ softbox, Alienbee’s Cybersync transmitter and wireless receiver, Manfrotto ballhead and Monopod. And other things.

If you would like to schedule any shoots, please visit my contact page or head straight to www.RedHourPhotos.com




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